Manicures and Pedicures in
St. Barths
Manicures and Pedicures, Semi-Permanent Varnishes and Nail Care at Venus Universe

Getting your Nails Done at Venus

Getting your nails done is more than the occasional luxury experience: it is an expression of confidence while also providing key nourishment and health to your nails. We offer:
Quick, beautiful and colorful nails, French or complete mani and pedi.
Quick, complete or with French nails with a longer lasting effect.
Discover our nail care products and treatments, available in our spa.
Manicures and Pedicures
Regular & Semi-permanent
Discover our high-quality nail care with hypoallergenic formulas free from animal by-products and testing as well as toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, and camphor. With brands like OPI, Indigo Nails, Dazzle Dry and Poderm.

*Nail treatments currently only offered on location in our spa.
Regular Polish
Change polish
€ 30
Quick manicure/pedicure
€ 35
Quick manicure/pedicure + Polish
€ 45
Complete manicure/pedicure
€ 50
Complete manicure/pedicure + Polish
€ 60
+ French Manicure or Nail Art
€ 10
Quick manicure/pedicure + Polish
€ 55
Complete manicure/pedicure + Polish
€ 70
€ 30
Removal + Quick Mani/Pedi + Polish
€ 75
Removal + Complete Mani/Pedi + Polish
€ 90
+ French Manicure or Nail Art
€ 10
Complete Extension Gel
€ 100
Gel on Natural Nails
€ 85
Gel Filling
€ 85
1 Broken Nail
€ 15
Gel Removal
€ 50
Foot Care
Paraffin Wax
€ 20
Yumi Feet Care (Anti-Calluses)
€ 40
Detoxifying Foot Bath
€ 50
Discover our Foot-Care Line
Combine your mani or pedi with any of our foot-care treatments: detoxifying footbaths; anti-calluses treatment by YUMIFeet, or a simple paraffin wax. Let our expert team guide you!
Discover Foot Care
Our Nail Brands
Manicures and pedicures offered at our Spa, located in the heart of St. Barths.
Our products work together to provide the fastest drying, longest wearing natural manicure you will ever experience.
A staple, quality brand that will guarentee the right fit for any look.
Indigo Nails Lab
One of the top-ranked brands for gel nail-loving women and men around the world!
Made in switzerland for healthy nails and feet: 2 in 1 nailpolish and nail care. Natural concentrated ingredients.
100% natural foot care and comfort by this Made in France brand.
Our expert team is here to assist you for all your nail questions.
Not sure which treatment to choose?
Let our expert opinion guide you: