Catherine Feher
Anti-Age and Microneedling Treatments in St. Barths

Catherine Feher at Venus

Catherine Feher's facials can hydrate, firm and heal with non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatments with visible, immediate and long-lasting results.
Anti-Aging Face Treatment
Micro-needling is a micro-perforation technique for a regenerated and hydrated skin.
The 2 elixirs are the latest additions to the Catherine FEHER dermocosmetic range.
Catherine Feher - Anti-Age
Perfect Skin Serums with active ingredients concentrated to ensure a real improvement as well as an effective, lasting and visible rejuvenation.
75 MIN.
Perfect skin Catherine Feher
Treatment of wrinkles, scars, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin or even photo-aging.
90 MIN.
Package: Perfect skin + Mes'age volume/lift/white

Catherine Feher - Micro-needling
Micro-needling is a medico-aesthetic therapy that stimulates collagen and elastin. Made up of very small needles that are passed over and over the treatment area, which can be the neck, décolleté, scalp or even the face. Micro-needling generates a multiple micro-perforation which facilitates the penetration of hyaluronic acid.
Micro-needling - 75 min
Mes'age Volume
€ 220
Mes'age Lift
€ 220
Mes'age White
€ 220
Catherine Feher - Anti-Age
The 2 elixirs are the latest additions to the Catherine Feher dermocosmetic range. Vegan champagne combined with organic hyaluronic acid and vitamin E constitute a powerful anti-oxidant. In addition, this complex is a skin anti-inflammatory therefore also intended for very sensitive skin. Use (morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin).
Also available in Spa
HYAL Cream
HYAL Cream contains hyaluronic and lactic acid, vitamins C and E. A very powerful anti-oxidant formula for strong moisturizing power of the skin.
Champagne Gloss
Plumping gloss with organic hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in neutral color or candy scent.
Mask Cream - Face Mask
With its airy and creamy texture, this cream mask will revolutionize your beauty moment! It protects the skin against free radicals, responsible for skin aging, and provides deep hydration.
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