Cryo Skin 2.0 at Venus

Non-invasive treatment for facial and body care in St. Barths
About the Treatment
Cryo skin 2.0 is the non-invasive treatment that uses cold and heat to tone, slim, tighten, and firm areas lacking firmness. It acts on localized fat, aesthetic draining works, anti-aging facial and body treatment by controlled thermal shock.
  • Visible results from the first session
    Activation of the metabolism, elimination of the localized orange peel appearance, and exfoliation of small and large fatty deposits
  • Non-invasive
    The Venus treatment is carried out manually, performing a local massage on the client. During the treatment, the fatty tissue is subjected to a thermal shock which optimizes the results.
  • Scientific studies have shown that...
    Exposure to cold by energy extraction causes apoptosis of fat cells, i.e. a controlled natural death of cells which leads to the release of inflammatory cells, gradually eliminating the targeted cells.
Face & Body
A complete and very effective program to treat all types of cellulite.
Booked per session or in a package
The contours of your face are redrawn, cellular metabolism is activated, and skin sagging slows down.
1 session Face
€ 180
Package of 5 sessions
€ 800
The contours of your body are redrawn with the activation of metabolism, the elimination of unsightly fats, the exfoliation of small and large fatty deposits.
1 session Body
€ 180
Package of 5 sessions
€ 800
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